Akademia Italia

Akademia Italia is nothing more than a piece of Italy in the heart of Budapest, a real culinary center. It is more than a high-level Italian restaurant, it is also a delicatessen, a cooking and language school and an event center. Our motto is quality, care and hospitality. The Italian cuisine is our passion, and therefore we get the ingredients from those Italian family businesses that follow the traditions.

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« Eat well, laugh much, love a lot! »

Akademia Italia olasz etterem budapesten
Akademia Italia olasz etterem budapesten
Akademia Italia olasz etterem budapesten
Akademia Italia olasz etterem budapesten

Our mission


Community is our essential concept, we are a team, a real family which welcomes every guest with love. This conception prevail at the restaurant’s design. The kitchen is in the same space with the tables so you could feel like you go over you friend.

Lot of different programs, movie nights, language courses, workshops and events allow our guests to get closer to each other and us, and to share with them our Akademia Italia.


We believe in quality. Therefore, we carefully paid attention to every details of the interior of Akademia Italia, to the classical styling, the high-quality furnituring and the immersive design.

As the Italian recipes are always based on excellent ingredients, we were looking for the quality of our carefully selected products. All of our suppliers are good friends of us who know and follow the production of the goods. We always choose the best so you could get the best from us.


Traditions play a key-role in Akademia Italia. The chefs use original Italian receipts to cook the best ones of the Italian grandmothers which guarantees that the flavors take you straight to the sunny Italy.

We follow the Italian traditions and habits, which has been adopted to a modern environment. In this way we bring a piece of Italy into the heart of Budapest.


Our cornerstone is to protect the authenticity is the hand-prepared production, that the things are manufactured, just like in the past. Olives are hand-picked, from which the olive oil is made that we use. The ham is hand-prepared for the aging. The grappa is bottled by hand. In fact, the pasta, the pastries and the bread is also home-made by us. We believe that human labour is an added value, that contributes to the conservation of the three previously mentioned values: transmission of the communities, of the quality and of the tradition.

We truly believe that human work is an important value which strenghtens and safeguards the three above-mentioned values; community, quality and tradition.

1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 12


Mon – Thu: 10:00 – 23:00

Fri – Sat : 10.00 – 23.30

Sun: 10.00 – 23.00

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